Asset Management

We believe wholeheartedly in using a plan to drive stategic investment decisions. Our Asset Management plan is designed for those who already have a financial plan and are looking for:

  • Confidence in Asset Management.

  • Advice in portfolio construction or re-construction.

  • An analysis of existing assets relative to other investment options.

  • Portfolios built specific to individual needs related to destination growth or income distributions.

  • Or direction in getting started saving into Roth IRA's and College Savings Plans.

Then our Asset Management services might be just right for you.



Asset Management

There are those who already have a financial plan, but are looking for leadership in managing their assets. In those circumstances, we offer
no load fee based investment platforms. The structure is open architect, with low transaction costs, no commissions for getting into investments, and no surrender charges for getting out. The “fee” is a percentage charged to the account quarterly.

Our advisors manage the portfolios throughout the year, making suggested changes when appropriate.

Each portfolio is tailored to the needs of the individual, thereby matching timing and risk most appropriately.

There are also those individuals who are just getting started, saving monthly into Roth IRA's, or setting up a savings plan for their children
or grandchildren.

We highly encourage monthly savings are very supportive of early savers trying to better their future.

We'll help you get on the right track, and set up a savings plan works
best for you.

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