If you are a person who believes in individual responsibility.

If you are a person that strives to build or maintain wealth sufficient to support you and your family throughout life.

If you are a person who is looking for an approach to manage your money in a secure manner, with numerous linking and reporting capabilities, thereby allowing your time spent with money to be primarily strategic rather than document gathering.

If you are a person who is looking to partner with the guidance and support of a professional advisor, leveraging a wealth of experiences so that your own path toward financial independence may be habitually efficient.

Then JPSmoney is the choice for you.



JPS Money

Organization is a key component to building wealth – and we believe JPSmoney is your key to achieving it.

Some clients who are already extremely detailed and organized with their money find our system saves them countless hours spent compiling information the old way and allows them to spend time in more productive areas.

Other clients fear organization and don’t know where to begin with their money. Just the thought of the amount of work involved for them to get organized stops them from getting started.

They never experience the fun and productive part of strategy and positive action. 

Our system may eliminate your role as paper gatherer and promotes you into decision maker.

JPSmoney is a Web-based system that consolidates all of your financial accounts into one centralized location, making wealth management streamlined, comprehensive, and time efficient. Once we have reached optimal organization, we’ll help you stay up-to-date.

Clients themselves can run detailed reports in an instant on their entire financial portfolio from any secure on-line location. This elevates you to the CFO position on your wealth. Using JPSmoney, our clients are able to better manage the outcome of their financial decisions.

We help you understand what your financial position is today, and discover where you want to be in the future. We build a strategy that will help you get there, tackling the highest priorities early and then building a realistic timetable to finish the rest. We then help to ensure that you stay on track by setting triggering events in the system, and holding regular reviews.

The most comprehensive review takes place in the beginning of the year. Archiving all your numbers for year end, comparing prior year results to expectations, reviewing last years priority task list, building a new task list (resolution) for the coming year, establishing benchmarks for how the numbers might look by year end, and finally building a strategy to help you accomplish your goals.

As they say, knowledge is power. Let JPSmoney put you in charge. 

JP Studinger Tips

Start a savings plan early in the year, even if it’s for less than you optimally think you could do. It’s better than waiting until you can save your maximum amount much later in the year.

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