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America - is our culture greater than our crisis

It was no secret for most engineers who studied levees that New Orleans was a city and population exposed to immense risk under the perfect terrifying circumstances. Year after year, those that may have been able to allocate resources sufficient to fix this potential problem decided not to do so. In hindsight, those decisions look rather shortsighted. 

When fundamentals are broken - something has to give.

Like you, I had a suspicion that things weren't quite right.
So I spent months doing research, scouring through reports, and meeting with economists to make sense of the fundamentals of our economy. America - Is Our Culture Greater than Our Crisis is the result of my work. 

It’s a surprisingly easy and must read for anyone seeking tangible answers and ideas of how to move forward.

— James Studinger

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America: Is Our Culture Greater
than Our Crisis

Economic Updates - Unprecedented Measures Yield Uncommon Results

May 2013 - Economic Report

Federal Reserve balance sheet, federal government budgets, deficits, debt, tax rates, interest rates, homeowner defaults - what do they all have in common? They are all at historical extremes. They balance on the weight of a feather whereby a change in one affects all the others. 

I believe the extremes will eventually correct, and that recognizing what triggers may influence change is critically important to investing.
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