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Our founder, James Studinger, began working in the industry through an internship in college. He wanted to better understand how to manage his personal finances, not knowing he'd end up finding his career path.

Since the beginning, our focus has been on a macro level - increasing personal net worth's.

Please read through the number of ways we help our clients to find the method that works best for you.

In all circumstances, we generally hold complimentary initial meetings (either on the phone or in person) in order to better understand your needs.



James Studinger, Financial Advisor ChFC

I’m a Yooper, which means I grew up in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. I love to camp, hunt, fish, hike and explore. One of my favorite trips was in 2013 when I hiked across the U.P. from Lake Superior to Lake Michigan. My only rule was that I couldn’t go on a manmade road or trail any longer than it took to cross it.

I’ve done Ironman’s, climbed Mt. Rainier, and run the “Rim2Rim2Rim”. My outdoor adventures and athletics directly correlate to how I run my business. You can’t hike from one great lake to another successfully in three nights without having a detailed plan, and you can’t run the Rim2Rim2Rim (down the Grand Canyon, across, up the other side, back down and up the south side again) without knowing what you are getting into – it takes training. Like everything in life, balance is key. Overtraining can lead to injury and may even be counterproductive.

These traits are exactly what is required when it comes to making money. I wrote Wealth Is a Choice in 2008. In it I describe the most important principles to succeed with money. I truly believe that it is within our control to be wealthy, just as I believe we can control the general state of our health. Growing your net worth requires doing the right things often enough. Proper balance of saving and spending affords you your optimal lifestyle.

All of my clients are firmly aware of what I call the Big 3 (Principles). 1) You make money by solving problems 2) Efficiency is more important than high income 3) You only get rich by buying things that appreciate in value (Good Assets vs. Bad Assets).

At JPStudinger Group, we are more than a financial planning practice. We understand what it takes to be financially independent and we work individually with all of our clients to help them achieve their optimal balance.

Our core service is financial planning through a process we call JPSmoney. The professional at JPStudinger Group also manage money in fee based accounts, and provide other investment and insurance solutions where needed. I believe it is important for a financial advisor to be intimately aware of the investments they utilize, and therefore I personally build all my portfolios. I also believe in being up to date with economic activity, especially in this abnormal era we are in today. I routinely read through the Federal Reserve Flow of Funds reports, and then update my data charts which provide me with a direct understanding of the health and status of our economy.

I am the chair of the Michigan JumpStart Coalition and actively engage in bringing financial literacy to all youth across our state. I keynote speak at events, write and am a frequent guest on Fox News for financial segments. My greatest joy is my family – my wife Kris and my two wonderful boys.

We look forward to getting to know you better and seeing you rise to the level of financial success you desire.

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