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TRI Financial Training PLan


James Studinger TRI Financial Training Plan

Use this free training plan to organize and track your finances. Just like you might use Garmin to track your workouts, now you can track and measure your financial goals. Please be careful to not change the formula fields. You control the assumptions for inflation and investment interest rates. So be careful. The retirement timeline is an excellent resource to help project future retirement needs. This plan is a free tool that puts the onus on you. If you need specific help or guidance with a more comprehensive personalized plan (such as our JPSmoney service) or in managing your investments please give us a call. Good luck!


Swim-Bike-Run = 401k-Roth-Brokerage.

This Financial Training Plan is designed to help you accumulate wealth with the same consistency as you train for your races. You know better than most that sticking to a good plan can yield tremendous results. Now you can take the same proven approach with your money.

As athlete's we know if we are ready for the big upcoming race. Either we are training - swimming/biking/running - or we are not. Most people keep a schedule to stay true to "time in the saddle".

But how do you measure time in the saddle relative to a worthwhile financial goal? Now you can. With the JPStudinger Tri Financial Training Plan, you will record, measure and drive the critical components of an effective plan.

In my years of experience working with clients and money, two factors that drive success are the 1) Percentage% of "good assets" relative to net worth and 2) Percentage% of income that buys good assets. If these numbers are high, then you almost can't help but become rich. And no matter what percent they are for you today, you can always drive them up!

Along your journey, remember these three primary principles - 1) We make an income by solving problems, 2)We get rich by buying things that make money, 3) it's about efficiency.

Enjoy and make the most out of your Financial Training Plan. Call us anytime, 248-643-6550 or email me directly with questions, james@jpstudinger.com. We're here to help!


James Studinger TRI Financial Training Plan Guide

This is your instruction manual, and one you really need to read. It's intuitive, fun and worth the read - trust me. You can watch the videos too, but don't get lazy with this, it's important. Take a few minutes to go through the document. You'll need to know the lingo and reasons behind the plan if you want to really succeed. Once you understand the core principles, managing money will be like tying your shoes, or riding a bike - you'll never forget how!

Annual Run for the Money 5k

Join us for an exciting and fun 5k in Bloomfield Hills. Start and stop at the high school near Telegraph and Long Lake Road. Run the scenic gravel Echo Road and finish around the track to cheering crowds while Roop Raj with Fox News and James Studinger call out the runners. We have multiple age group categories so the littler ones have a fair chance at going away with a prize - a piggy bank with either nickels, dimes or quarters.


About James Studinger

I’ve done Ironman’s, climbed Mt. Rainier, and run the “Rim2Rim2Rim”. My outdoor adventures and athletics directly correlate to how I run my business. You can’t hike from one great lake to another successfully in three nights without having a detailed plan, and you can’t run the Rim2Rim2Rim (down the Grand Canyon, across, up the other side, back down and up the south side again) without knowing what you are getting into – it takes training. Like everything in life, balance is key. Overtraining can lead to injury and may even be counterproductive.

These traits are exactly what is required when it comes to making money. I wrote Wealth Is a Choice in 2008. In it I describe the most important principles to succeed with money. I truly believe that it is within our control to be wealthy, just as I believe we can control the general state of our health. Growing your net worth requires doing the right things often enough. Proper balance of saving and spending affords you your optimal lifestyle. more...